First Day of Nursery Woodland Photo Shoot

Our little Hazel started nursery for the first time last week and we decided to go out to our favourite woods armed with a bucket of apples and pears to document the milestone with a little photo shoot. I dressed her in the cutest little yellow tartan dress from M&S that I found on eBay for just £2.99, which was an absolute bargain. I also took one of my favourite childhood books with me ‘ The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame, which I spotted a copy in a charity shop not long ago for just pennies. I am such a fan of finding old vintage books and I hope that we will start reading this one together soon. For me, buying secondhand anywhere is one of the simplest changes you can do for the planet, and most of the time I find the best things in great condition for a fraction of the original price. We were also gifted the cutest little shoes from Let’s Chill, which went so well with her little yellow dress. So when it came to styling this little photo shoot, I knew it had to be something seasonal, something scottish and of course, nursery themed. I am looking forward to recreating something similar each year, but for now I am holding onto these cute little memories of us together in her favourite place, the woods.

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Zephy x

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