My Favourite Photographs of Summer 2022

Sharing some of my favourite images over the Summer here in Scotland now Autumn is nearly here! I lost my love for photography for a little while for various reasons, but I am pleased to say that I am back enjoying taking photographic memoirs of our little life in Arbroath. Summer has been a pretty special one here and we have done so much foraging and picking fruit I think our hands are permanently stained from it! I was just saying the other day how I love how green it is right now, some thing we can take for granted while it’s here. In Scotland it can get pretty bleak over the Winter time so I am preparing myself this autumn for lots of colour, festivity and hygge! I am an Autumn child, but let’s just appreciate how wonderful summer is just a little bit longer.

Let me know in the comments which image is your favourite

Published by Zephyre Rose

Angus | Tayside Photographer and Creative

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